Numerology and Arithomancy; the Vibration of Numbers

Numerology and Arithomancy; the Vibration of Numbers By Ariana Clausen-Vélez When we use numerology or Arithomancy to the latter being seldom used today but was used in ancient times by Pythrogoras to determine the nature of a person by adding up the numbers in one’s name.  Today numerology is used to show us what...


BEWARE of False Prophets

We need to ban together to do work with the Storm Gods to Cease and Desist all this destruction.  Pray for all who have lost their lives and for those who have survived that they find peace through all of this.  Join in with your local charities to aid...


The Divine Sophia, by Giordano Bruno

In the book Sophia; Goddess of Wisdom Bride of God, by Caitlin Matthews she shares a lament or prayer in which Giordano Bruno wrote to Sophia. “The Divine Sophia have I loved and sought from my youth; I have desired her to be my spouse. Ever have I loved...