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Welcome Ohio Valley Psychic’s!

Ohio Valley Psychic’s is a group of master level psychics who are also Reverends, Priestesses & Priests, Mediums, Astrologers, Tarot readers, and Spiritual healers. The talents that each Psychic possesses are far beyond anyone who you have consulted with. They provide the service of insight, direction, life coaching, spiritual assistance to communicate to your loved ones whom have crossed over, and to help you obtain and understand what your future holds.

Do you have answers that you need to know?  Each psychic is tested by a panel of people and have no correlation to anyone on the panel. Each psychic is tested five times, and are required to conduct five different readings to five different panel members.  Each psychic is able to predict and confirm 48 out of 50 questions out of all five reading exercises.

Confidence, accuracy, ethical standards, empathy, positive regard, and direction is what everyone deserves when seeking a private psychic service. Ohio Valley Psychics are rated #1 in the Ohio Valley. All of the Ohio Valley Psychics were partially trained in Salem, MA as well as have crafted their skills & talents for over twenty years.

The process to be an Ohio Valley Psychic isn’t easy for a psychic to be selected.  Each Psychic undergoes three months of interviews and must have experience of twenty years, read a minimum of twenty clients a month (each client must write a letter of recommendation for the auditioning psychic), have training in all areas of metaphysics, and are a Reverend or Priestess/Priest who is working toward his or her Reverend status.

Ohio Valley Psychics is not just a psychic friend, if you are looking for that then google again. We refuse co-dependent callers; we will give you map, but you have to be brave and walk your path!  We have a call center that filters all of our calls and places you with the psychic that you need. Once you build rapport and a connection to a particular psychic then you may request them. Our advice is to try all of psychics at least one time and learn how amazingly accurate all of them equally are.

During your reading a psychic will direct you “Crabapple Moon Old World Metaphysic’s” which is our spiritual store. You will find an array of metaphysical item’s that will help you though the process of your transitions, lack of balance, and insecurities. Also, you may be able to buy talismans, candles, herbs, vitamins, books, and knowledge that other psychics do not offer.  Keep your computer beside you during your reading. No minutes are charged for a Crabapple Moon Old World Metaphysical consultation. We understand it can be a confusing process but that is why we need our master level psychics to have a wealth of knowledge of metaphysics!

What to expect:

~The answers you need to know from master level psychics that have been tested for over three months and proven 98% accurate.

~A website that will provide you daily incite to assist you with your spiritual living practices.

~Crabapple Moon Old Word Metaphysic’s Store which will provide your every metaphysical need

~A supportive, nonjudgmental, empathic, firm, but loving person to help you find the answers that you need to know, and to help you build yourself toward  spiritual self-sufficiency.

~All of the Ohio Valley Psychic’s practice Stregheria and are boschetto of Stregoneria. If you need extra help in that department all you have to do is ask.


10 Minutes $20.00

15 Minutes $35.00

20 Minutes $60.00

30 Minutes $75.00

45 minutes $100.00

60 minutes $130.00

Extendable minutes are $1.00 for each additional minute over 60 minutes. 

*All psychics sign a non-compete so don’t ask them for personal info. If you do ask them for personal info they will report you and you will no longer be one of our clients. This is an honor system – so be honourable!  

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