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Ariana1Reverend, HPs Ariana Afsanay de Ly

Ariana is originally from the North-western part of the United States from Oregon.  Ariana has had extensive travels throughout the Continental United States and the Central and Eastern parts of Canada and then returned to her home in Oregon and then resided in Puerto Rico for 15 years.  Today, Ariana again lives in the Northwest United States in Oregon and  is focusing on furthering her education with gaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine.

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Ariana is a straightforward, yet compassionate and empathic reader who shares with her clients whatever Spirit wants them to know. At times, a voice speaks through her if there is a specific message from the other side that needs to be communicated, so don’t be surprised if Ariana’s voice seems to change during your reading. Some psychics speak really fast as the information and messages pour in, but Ariana takes the time to listen to Spirit, so if she suddenly stops talking, it’s because Spirit has a message for you. A professional reader for over 15 years, Ariana hopes her clients get the answers, clarity, hope, inner peace and enlightenment they need to have a positive life. Leading a more positive life is a goal Ariana wants you to have and her one-on-one care and attention can help you achieve it. Give her a call today and get the answers you need to live your most fulfilling life!


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  1. Blue Garuda

    Hi. Noticed the Garuda and pazuzu article. I have a website on Garuda, including practices, amulets, divination etc. There is of course much more in terms of Garuda rituals and healing which I can’t publish, but it may be useful to you. 🙂


    Yeshe 🙂

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